The Wine Down: A Recap of My Insecure S3 Premiere Watch Party


It was the moment we as Insecure fans have been waiting for…the return of Season 3! We were excited AF and were not disappointed! Whether you are Team Issa, Team Molly, Team Daaaaaang Daniel, or Team No Lawrence the premiere has us all wanting more!

I have loved and supported Issa Rae since her groundbreaking Youtube series Awkward Black Girl. HBO’s Insecure has become a cultural phenomenon and I couldn’t be happier for Issa’s success. She is a brilliant content creator and I am so glad the world is finally taking notice. It was only right that I threw an Insecure Watch Party in my city! All this golden content she’s producing, I knew there were other fans like me who would want to come together.

Many thanks to The South Chicken & Waffles for hosting us! The bartenders even made a thematic menu of food and drinks for the party like my fave the ‘black girl magic.’ ⁠ DJ Fat had the ultimate Insecure playlist to set the scene before the premiere. (click through images for more deets.)

Shoutout to the brothers that came out in full force to support!




Early birders and select VIP got a surprise gift…Issa’s Box of Faves. Each item was significant to InsecureHBO⁠ :

 •🍷⬇️ Wine Down (Issa loves her Moscato and Prosecco)

• Hot Cheetos (when Molly + Issa had their first make up in Season 1, Issa brings Hot Cheetos as a peace offering )

•Treat Yourself-From manicures, pedicures, facials to therapy, self care is a common theme throughout the show

•🍾Lituation-Issa is known to turn up and a little brown/clear liquor does the trick

•Kleenex-Issa 👁💦🍆  Well this infamous scene toward the end of season 2 with Issa and Daniel had Twitterverse a buzz with the great debate. 😩😂

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported. Can’t wait for episode 2!