The Selfie 6-pack Every Woman Should Know (Even Beyonce Will Approve!)

The Selfie 6-pack Every Woman Should Know (Even Beyonce Will Approve!)

Imagine you are at a rooftop party with your friends with amazing vibes. The sun is peeking through the clouds ever so slightly and a nice, flirty wind joins in. The DJ is spinning hella tunes and the bartender mixed your drink just the way you like. You wonder to yourself “can it get anymore perfect?” A commotion is stirring up by the entrance and you catch it out the corner of your eye. You turn your head to get a better view…

And in struts Queen Bey…

The flirty wind catches her long blonde tresses and lifts a few over her face ever so slightly tickling her nose. Uh oh, she sneezes on the beat and the beat gets sicker…YONCE is passing by you and your heart is beating quicker.

(Yo, I totally freestyled that last line, give me some cred).

Your friend is in stride with Bey as she ‘struts’ through the party. Yes, YOUR friend is coming YOUR way to make the intro and YOUR edges are about to be snatched. Are you ready for the convo with Queen Bey? What if she is wants to take a pic with you? Are you ready…? Are you ready to nail the perfect selfie?

Ok…maybe Beyonce at a rooftop party is overreaching, but I now have your attention!

I am shocked that a lot of women (men too) really don’t know how to take a selfie, but secretly want to learn. I honestly never thought much about mine until my closest friends started asking me for tips. Trust me, I have been there. Not knowing what to do, how to do it, but once I started using my “selfie six-pack” it changed the game. Went 0 to 100 (likes) real quick…ok let me leave Drake out of this.

Let me share.


Cloudy photos are the worst (eye roll). This is my ‘pet peeve.’ This may sound like a no brainer, but we forget how much we use our phone and handling it all day creates smudges. A tiny bit of dirt or dust can make a photo blurry or out of focus.

Most smart phones have decent cameras now, you really just have to clean it every time you use it to snap a photo. I suggest keeping a small microfiber cloth in your purse to wipe down the lens. I can’t tell you how many times I have been out with friends and how amazed they are with the quality of photos, after I clean the lens.

HACK: Using the back camera takes your selfie up another notch. The only downside is, you can’t see yourself until after you take the photo. A few practices and you will know how to position your phone to nail the selfie.

Though iPhone and the others have worked wonders in upgrading the selfie mode, the main camera on the backside is still the reigning champ…IMO.

Here is an example…notice the difference?


Of course you want to focus on YOU, so simply tap on the screen of your phone and it will focus on you precisely. Sometimes it can be overexposed, simply tap again and it will go to previous focus. You can play around with the focal by tapping on different areas of the screen.


Your exposure is how bright or dark an image is. You already are setting the exposure when you manually set your focal point. Tapping on the screen helps the camera know what to prioritize lighting on, of course we want all attention on you!


The best lighting I have nicknamed “SONlight” or when there is an overcast it is perfect. If at all possible, shoot in natural light. Why are car selfies the best? Yes, that natural lighting girl! The BEST time to shoot is Sunrise + Sunset…all the feels! Really bright sunlight is not complimentary and can be very harsh. Find open shade on bright sunny days (under trees, between buildings, alley, under the bridge). My fave spot if trying to take your selfie inside…THE WINDOW! Never ever have a window behind you, always face it and put your selfie camera up. Yeeeeeees! I see you girl! The window works every time, especially on cloudy days.

If it is the night time or you are in dark areas….TURN FLASH OFF. Don’t even use your phone’s built in flash. I highly suggest investing in phone accessories that create the flash for you.  The LuMee light-up phone case is very popular and works. I personally recommend the GlowMe LED Selfie Ring Light (USB Rechargeable) because you can clip on your phone and other devices. Plus, it is a great conversation piece.


Even Beyonce uses apps! After capturing the selfie you love, it is now time to edit it. Sometimes, your lighting and camera skills are so A1, no editing is needed. 60% of the other time, you will. Two of my fave go to apps are Perfect365 and Facetune.

I am sure Perfect365 is free, but Facetune is a small fee. All of your favorite IG instastars use it! Both apps are very intuitive and easy to navigate. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need tips and tricks. Want to smooth those wrinkles out in your forehead, smooth that pesky zit, or add more lighting…these two apps are for you! JUST DON’T OVER DO IT! I cringe when I see how someone has overdone it.  Not cute and Beyonce wouldn’t approve.


Listen to me, for every one bad a$$ selfie photo your fave dropped, there’s 100 rejects. It takes time and many angles to nail that selfie. I would love to see the selfies on Beyonce’s cutting room floor…sure they are all flawless and being kept hostage in a Beyonce museum our kids will visit one day.

It will take time, but sticking to these “selfie six” will guarantee you the perfect selfie. Make sure and tag me on your IG post so I can see you! Hey @Beyonce too, you never know ;-).