Nothing Scarier in 2018 than #Fake News…Happy Halloween!

In a world where social media surrounds us like water surrounds fish, we must be vigilant in seeking the truth. As Auntie Oprah put it at my graduation, “The internet and social media is being used to erode trust in our institutions…interfere in elections and wreak havoc on our infrastructure.”  (Read the 8 Lessons of Auntie Oprah and how it got me all the way together!)

One click spreads fake news stories causing hysteria, an innocent Google search allows advertisers a window to bombard us and our phones have distracted us so much we have walked into traffic.  The solution is to push back with the truth, the only true way to strike down deceit and calm the hysteria. You have to combat the false narratives with real information and solid facts to set the record straight. Your job is to continue to keep the left, right, and center in check by confronting your own bias and reporting only the truth. This will build credibility and protect us from corruption.

My take on “fake news” was a hit at my office party! Take a peek at some of the fun!

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