Why You Need to Build Your Personal Brand (FREE AUDIT INSIDE)

Whether you have just started branding yourself online, not exactly sure why you need to be doing it, or you have been at it awhile and not seeing results–this Personal Brand Audit is for you!

Social media is the fastest and most effective way to position your personal brand. There is value in developing your story, from a senior in high school to a senior executive. The best way to plan an effective brand strategy is to know where you are starting from. Once you have a point of reference, you can really start making changes and measuring growth. Use this audit to figure out where your brand currently stands, what you are saying online, and how you can improve your growth strategy.

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10 Free Marketing Strategies that Really Work

10 Free Marketing Strategies that Really Work

  1. Create Clear Marketing Goals
  2. Develop a Content Calendar (30 Day Social Media Planner)
  3. Create videos sharing helpful tips
  4. Define your ideal client
  5. Write blog posts from frequently asked questions you receive
  6. Create a Facebook Group and Page
  7. Create an Instagram Page
  8. Engage and respond to all comments (first 30 minutes are crucial)
  9. Like and comment on 10 accounts that specifically are tied to your industry
  10. Like and comment on 10 accounts your ideal client follows