I’m Faith Green

An influence and brand strategist with over a decade of experience in brand development, content creation, and social media strategy.

With so many lessons learned from my past, coupled with extensive training and experience in social media marketing, relationship building, lead generation, and PR, I’m here to help you solve the problem and get the desired outcome. With social media as the vehicle, I’m here to walk you through the strategy of influence.

Are you influencing your marketplace, or is the marketplace influencing you?



What can I offer you?

I empower entrepreneurs, business owners, and the creative-minded to build a community and REAL influence to grow your brand/business. I advise one-on-one clients and create services/products to save you time, sanity protection, business building, and money making action! 

Ain’t nobody got the time

No more wishy-washy attempts to make social media “work” without a clear strategy and no more anxiety over what to do to grow. I specialize in strategies that are efficient and effective so you can invest your time back doing what you love!

Personal branding is the best way to position yourself online…

Getting personal is the secret sauce in this saturated online culture to position you as the business leader in your industry. People don’t invite brands into their home, they invite people. And people don’t want your product, they want your story.

No one is you, no one has your voice, and no one can tell your story like you. I help you define your story and influence by asking the right questions, and positioning to be yourself.

And here is more about me

I am a full-time communications professional that possesses a deep understanding of influencer networks, distribution programs, digital/social platforms and the ability to drive measurable results through storytelling. My background is in nonprofit, so I know how to work with minimal for maximum results!

I received my bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Texas A&M University-Texarkana and a master’s degree in communication management from the University of Southern California (USC). And with honors…I’m a nerd.


I take myself out on dates. Coffee dates are my fave.

Party of one please!

I love subtitles.

I love sparkling water even though it may taste like TV static to you.

I have a tendency to be dramatic.

I can’t tell a single story without using my hands.

“She’s quiet,” said no one ever when describing me.

Always hyping people up.

I hope you are next.