I like my coffee the way I like my men: hot, tall, dark, and STRONG!

Ok, shame the devil. Tell the truth.

Actually I like my coffee a lot like me: warm, short, EXTRA levels of sweet, and beige.

That’s the uniqueness of coffee, the many shades and flavors it comes in.

My love and fascination for coffee began when I was a little girl.

It was the first thing I smelled in the morning.

It wasn’t the alarm clock that got me up, but the sweet aroma of Folgers.

My parents started every morning with a pot of coffee.

My dad would brew it for my mom before she headed out to work each day.

He read the newspaper.

She read her case files.

I loved watching them sit in silence, together.

One of the only memories I have of my parents being together before splitting.

The best part of waking up….

Chances are I didn’t even have to finish it because you knew!

That is the power of story.

The power of emotional connection.

And every great brand understands the importance of storytelling and connection.

As a self-proclaimed coffee-enthusiast, Folgers still ranks in my top 5…

I just hopped on the Starbucks wagon a few years ago. Blame it on my grad school days.

But this isn’t about coffee, this is about me.

I’m a Master Storyteller (USC co-signed). Jesus Lover. Hip Pop Culture Enthusiast.

And Your Digital Cheerleader.

I’m here to push you, your brand, or career to the next level.

Let me help you flourish not only on social media but your bank account as well.

Flourish On,