Baby, You Aren’t Nike, But Just Do It!


I waited patiently as those three little dots popped on my phone screen…
And then disappeared.
To reappear seconds later.
And there it was, her vulnerability, her rawness, her BIG idea, her brilliance all summed up in a blue message that illuminated on my screen as I sat on this very beach.
I was blown away. Like how? How was she sitting on this excellence?
I feverishly texted back.
To give her the co-sign she needed.
To give her the permission that so many of us long for.
If you need confirmation, a sign, or
Here it is!
Baby, you aren’t Nike, but Just Do It!
Many of you are sitting on BRILLIANCE!

Like y’all got the next best movement in between your ears, between those tear-stained pages, in between the grocery lists in the Notes section of your phone…STOP OVERTHINKING AND LAUNCH IT!
Can you believe in short of 3 months is a brand new decade!?
Don’t wait. What will you do today that you have been putting off?

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