5 Rihanna ‘Songs’ That Perfectly Explain Balancing Your 9 to 5|Side Hustle

I like to think that us side hustlers are flirting with the idea of having our own.


Testing the waters.


Wondering if we should stick to the 9 to 5 rivers that we’re used to.


Having a side hustle is rewarding, but complicated and many don’t explore it because of the fear of being overwhelmed.




It’s key to not only survive, but thrive.


Rihanna is the Queen of Side Hustle(s). As much as people are in her comment section about releasing new music and dragging her for being the “Avon lady,” she is goals on how to hustle…and do it correctly.


Sis is Jill of All Trades, and Master of ALL OF THEM! Though she has remained faithful and loyal in her marriage to music, her side pieces….ahem…businesses still get her undivided attention. She not only rules the charts, but the fashion and beauty industries.  Thanks to the phenomenal success of her FENTY Beauty line and Puma collaboration.


Rihanna’s hustle energy is what we should all channel into our daily lives when we venture into the side biz world.


Here are 5 Rihanna song titles that explain the balancing act of your 9 to 5ish and side hustle:


  1. FourFiveSeconds




It’s the one thing we can never get enough and balancing a 9 to 5 and side hustle often feels daunting. If you are struggling to keep up and feel overwhelmed, then you might want to take an audit of your daily life. I challenge you to jot down for a full week how you are spending your time. Even when you go the bathroom…yes it gets that real. What I have found with the many coaches and mentors of my life is they account for every hour, minute, and second on the clock. This is how they are successful and so productive.


Once you have finished your audit, you now need to look for the gaps you have in your schedule and this is how you can build in more time for your side biz. It is important to start time blocking your life and intentionally filling your day to day with activities that are productive. This is how you can equally flourish in your career as well as biz.


  1. Take Care


The old adage is true…


If you fail to plan, then plan to fail…


If you implement a plan in advance it will take care of you. As much as I would like to admit I have a full on plan for my content strategy on my blog or social media pages, I don’t. But I do plan my writing sessions, photo sessions, or meetings with clients when I can. You need to build in your plan what you need to accomplish. Whether it is writing, scheduling meetings, following up with leads, or content creation it is important to take care of the Big Three first. This simply is to tackle the biggest three tasks on your list first. They are usually the most difficult and bring the biggest headache. But once accomplished, it really does change the trajectory of your productivity for the better.


  1. Work

You know this song title had to make it in the lineup.


It is very important you utilize the free time you do have. So unfortunately, NO DAYS OFF! Use your time off the 9 to 5 for time on for the side hustle. If you were lucky, you got a long three-day weekend with President’s Day. Though I was off from my 9 to 5ish, I invested the time into build my brand. So take advantage of holidays, early releases, and lunch breaks, it truly makes the difference.


  1. Question Existing


You may not be familiar with this song choice since it wasn’t released as a single, but it’s a bop.


When you are a business leader, owner, and decision maker you will have to ask and answer the hard questions. You will have hard, uncomfortable conversations about the quality of work, your rates, your mess ups…yes you will mess up if you haven’t already.  Side hustles are meant to bring another stream of income and opportunity to grow. If it is doing more harm than good in your life, you might want to ask the questions Rihanna did to herself in this song:


Who am I living for?


Is this my limit?


Can I endure some more?


  1. BBHMM

Oh the anthem of all Bosses! Instead of B***h, let’s replace with Biz Better Have My $ for educational purposes. Raise your hand if you would be rich for every “can I pick your brain?” inquiry. I promise to write a post on how annoying AF this is. Stay tuned. For now, you are worth it! When it comes to balance, many times our 9 to 5ish funds our side hustle until it turns a profit. As admiral as it is to take on work for free 99, you need to get paid!  When you first start out, you will more than likely do pro bono work to bring awareness. But you did not invest time, energy, coins, and paper that folds to not get the check! Don’t be afraid to state your price and not compromise. You are not an imposter. You are the truth! You are everything they want and if it is the right fit they will hire you or buy your products/services.

Know Your Worth.

Then Add Tax.


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