The Little Black Dress (LBD) That Could…


That time I tried to slip my favorite pair of jeans over my hips and it didn’t. Or squeeze into my go to LBD and could no longer fit it. 

Alexa play Drake “In My Feelings.” 

There is a range of disbelief, frustration, and sadness. Because there is nothing more humbling than the contents of your closet. Many of us have experienced this feeling and I understand how it can be a devastating blow to our already fragile she-gos.

Weight fluctuation is real! If you deal with a fluctuating body then you have experienced the struggle of something literally fitting amazing and the next time not so much. It is in these insecure moments we must be unapologetic af, own our size and make style choices that reflect the best of our body, instead of our body trying to reflect the style. 

I was invited to a black tie event a couple weeks back and with the holiday season here, you will be soon getting invites to some pretty swanky events too. I wanted to find you some options for that ‘little black dress’ that is perfect for any occasion. 

I have to highlight this fabulous dress I wore to the black tie affair which garnered so many compliments. My friend who is a stylist and manager at AGACI found it! She pulled it straight from the inventory rack. It fit me in all the right places and hid my struggle areas. And it was under $50! 


The Dare Me Damask Gown is elegant and flirty, perfect for a holiday party or fall wedding. What I loved so much about this dress it is very forgiving in the midsection because of the high waist that leads to a semi-sheer overlay skirt. The sheer skirt allows you to show some leg, but conceal cellulite. It has a deep V split in the bodice and strappy x-back to show off those great arms, back, and bust of yours. Hence, why I nicknamed it “The Little Black Dress that Could…” cover our imperfections, but highlight our fabulous assets (no pun intended :))



Wanting to explore more LBDs suited for you, click here for a variety of options for you! All under $50!


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