Foam Glow 5K is a (Non) Runner’s Dream

Honestly, I am not a runner. I hate it with a passion. So when my amazing FIT friends (who are runners) sent out an email to see if we could get a team together for the Foam Glow Run, well mine conveniently got lost in ‘email hell.’ Followed up by a group text, I politely ignored it. Look, I don’t run for fun. And I refuse to pay to run. I have my personal trainer who I pay very well to do that.  

A week ago, one of my girlfriends hit me via text to ask if I was interested in the Foam Glow Run. It wasn’t two minutes later I got an email from another girlfriend who wanted to gift me her registration to the Foam Glow Run. She no longer could go, but felt compelled to gift it to someone. I was reluctant but I thought it was very thoughtful for her to think of me. I also loved the fact two of my close friends were going and a few others I knew. I decided to do a little research and was pleasantly surprised at Foam Glow. It truly is a ‘fun run’ and designed for us non-runners and the veterans too. 

If you don’t do anything else, watch this awesome video my dear friend Jerry created!

It is an opportunity for (non) runners of all different sizes, shapes, ages, speeds to glow with verve in neon paint and of course…foam. The course is 3 miles and begins with everyone as blank canvases. By the end of the night, everyone is a vibrant tie dye project. Foam Glow Zones are stationed throughout the course and afterparty. The machines periodically splash runners with hues of bright green, orange, and pink that come to life under black light. People go all out for this event, from cutesy tutus, colorful wigs, neon stick glasses, to matching t-shirts (I saw “Steve’s 40th B-Day” T-shirts…great idea!) the night was definitely fun and a must for a (non) runner.

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