Vibes & Vision: 6 Things You Must Include On Your Vision Board

I am part of The Executives and we recently hosted Vibes and Vision, a vision board party for driven women alike in San Antonio. We held the event at the new women co-working space Annex Coworking. Did I mention the event SOLD OUT!? Kudos to Morgan Taplin for a successful event!


Yes, women have a vision that they see will be manifested. September may seem like a odd month to host a vision party, but women are always working on new visions and new goals.


“Write the vision and make it plain.” Habakkuk 2:2, NIV

If you think vision boards are bogus and don’t work…YOU ARE A LIE! You must be doing it wrong because they work! It is plain and simple, just like the powerful line in the book of Habakkuk. When we write down our mission, vision and goals it has no choice but to manifest. Even our words that come out of our mouth are so powerful it brings them to fruition. When you create a designated space that displays what you want, it brings it to life. 

If you weren’t able to attend Vibes and Visions, here are the six areas your vision needs to focus on to create balance in your life:

-Health (Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual)




-Travel (Recreational)

-Love (Relationships) 

Instead of just putting down pretty pictures and thought-provoking quotes, take it a step further. For example, in the career area I put down Oprah. What does that picture on my vision board really mean? Do I want to be Oprah? Do I want to meet Oprah? This is why it is important to also incorporate goals. 

Write one important goal for each of the six areas. Once you define each goal: 

-Write it in present tense

-Use illustrative descriptions that make the vision a reality

-Include timelines and guidelines

-Repeat daily



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