Not Your Mama’s Hotel! Moxy Hotel @ Phoenix

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Yes, instead of throwing an ironing board into every room, there is a designated ironing room with a major distraction.



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(Take a peek at the slideshow of my weekend at Moxy)

After 18 months on hiatus, it’s back to what I love…travel! A canceled business meeting/concert made room for the perfect weekend to getaway and WRITE! I needed creative inspiration and the perfect backdrop. I am a Marriott rewards member (THIS IS NOT SPONSORED…I PAID FOR MY TRIP LOL) and found a great rate at Moxy for the couple nights I was in Phoenix. I am so glad I did because this will be my new spot to get away when I need to get my creative juices flowing. There are two things I love…affordable and luxury. If you are like me, then this spot is for you to stay! Moxy Hotel is Marriott’s brilliant answer to Airbnb to attract us Millennials and Gen Z.

Moxy is fun, bold, and stylish  and most importantly offers affordable luxury for the cost conscious.  The atmosphere is so inviting you almost can’t resist capturing every moment, hence my Instagram stories. Where else can you check-in at the bar, receive a complimentary drink, and sing karaoke all in the same night?


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