Communications that is! Don’t believe me, well you can take that up with the University of Southern California (USC), more specifically USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism! I now hold a Master of Communication Management (MCM) Degree. I can now add those three letters to the end of my name…I EARNED IT!

Faith R. Green, MCM, CTA

However in this digital age where hashtags are king, I am conflicted as MCM is better known as Man Crush Wednesday!

I am so excited for my graduation today! All the long nights, wine downs 🍷, prayers, and these Louis Vuitton bags under my eyes…all worth it! There’s just nothing like waking up in LA and having the OPRAH pour into you before you take the next step! USC Annenberg thank you for stretching and challenging me more than I knew was possible! My cohorts…WE DID THAT! Let’s party until it’s my bedtime 😂And when I get back, someone will have made my bed! What’s not to love?

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