You Wouldn’t Water Dead Flowers…

IMG_7286So why is it we continue to water the dead “flowers” in our lives? I was scrolling through my feed on Twitter and @kelebom tweet read “Yooo, stop texting first and see how many dead flowers you’ve been watering.” This tweet resonated with me and I remixed it a bit as a caption on one of my Instagram post. But seriously, if you stopped texting/calling first would you realize how many dead flowers you have been watering? Or better yet, how many fake flowers have you been watering?

Last weekend I stayed at a beautiful lake house in hill country of Austin. I snapped this photo of these gorgeous flowers because I looooove white flowers. They are so classic, subtle and beautiful….BUT these jokers are FAKE as Steve Harvey’s toupee in the 90’s. Just like you wouldn’t water these, don’t hydrate dead, fake friendships and situationships that doesn’t need saving. Even if the external is beautiful, YOU DESERVE BETTER. Cut it off girl, let it go…hair isn’t the only dead ends that need to be cut some times.



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